In 1996, nine year old Robert was adopted from care along with his six year old sister.

Until now, he has set his mind to an exciting education and career. He has a BA in English Literature and an MSc in International Development. He has lived and worked across four continents for an NGO providing grants to education and health partners in Ethiopia, becoming the organisation's CEO in 2013. He is now the Project Manager for a Health and Social Care consultancy, overseeing a portfolio of programmes in Asia and East Africa.

His past has always been a valued and natural part of his upbringing. With a stronger network and set of skills, 2015 seemed the year to apply for an opportunity to engage with adoption in a practical, professional way for the first time.

In February of that year, Robert was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust fellowship. His proposal; to find out how technology is currently affecting adoption and what opportunities there are to use it better to improve the experience of adoption for children and their families.

He will visit New Zealand, Australia and the US to meet researchers and experience projects putting innovation to good use.