Welcome to Modern Adoption.

This site will chronicle my research fellowship as I explore the practical potential of technology in the improvement of adoption.

My research is driven by a personal motivation to reengage with adoption after I was adopted age nine.  For some time, I have wanted to 'give back' to a process that gave me the chance to turn a difficult childhood into a positive, productive adulthood.  This fellowship gives me the focus (four weeks of travel time) and structure (a formal report) that I need to begin an important personal journey; to help create opportunities for young people in our care systems - and for those who will use of care systems in the future - to turn their own difficult childhoods into positive and productive adulthoods.

I'll spend two weeks in New Zealand and Australia and two weeks in the US. What I get up to during this time will be documented in regular posts on this site. These posts will form the structure of my research; a report that I will submit to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. Once approved, I will use it to help disseminate my findings through partnerships with UK agencies, NGOs and research organisations across the UK. My inputs and target outputs can be summarised like this;

GOAL: Identify concrete examples of the practical potential of technology to improve adoption;

by collecting testimonials and hearing from leading researchers and practitioners and experiencing new technologies and innovations first hand;

creating tangible opportunities for UK organisations to benefit from international best practice and leveraging effective partnerships to help this happen.

The pairing of technology and adoption is purposefully open ended, as is the meaning of the word 'improve'. The inspiration (aside from the personal) stems from recent government calls to 'speed up' adoption. This prompted several questions; how? Is it necessarily a good idea? What role can technology play? If technology is considered 'innovation' in this context, what other innovative ideas are out there that can improve adoption in different ways? What research is already taking place in this area? How can unrelated research efforts be connected to discourses on technology?

I hope to answer some of these questions - and pose new ones - in the course of this research project. I'll write about what I find, on this website.