I highly recommend that you visit the WCMT website - www.wcmt.org.uk - to find out more about the organisation and the fellowships they provide. Or better still, apply for a fellowship yourself!

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust was established when Sir Winston Churchill died in 1965. Thousands of people, out of respect for the man and in gratitude for his inspired leadership, gave generously so that a living memorial to him could benefit future generations of British people.

The Travelling Fellowships provide a unique opportunity for UK citizens, from all backgrounds and every corner of the UK, to acquire innovative ideas abroad. In the process they gain fresh perspectives on their own field of interest and return with enhanced expertise, able to be more effective at work and in their contribution to the community.

Successful applicants are known as Churchill Fellows for life. No qualifications are required, just a project and the desire and motivation to improve their community, profession or field.